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No Drip Nozzle is a market leading solution to a common issue experienced across the UK’s forecourts. Our technology not only improves the look and the performance of the forecourt, but it delivers essential environmental benefits and an enhanced end user experience.

With the potential to deliver a significant impact within the forecourt marketplace, whilst offering a competitive, marketing advantage to its implementers, No Drip Nozzle will improve your customers’ experience by providing a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable interaction with your business.

The Challenge

Currently, when a customer refuels their vehicle and removes the nozzle, a number of drops of fuel will often fall to the floor, getting on the user’s hands, dropping onto their clothes and car, or in the worst cases, significantly spilling and pooling on the forecourt. The current ZVA nozzle found on the majority of UK forecourts does not provide a complete solution to this issue.

The Solution

The No Drip Nozzle with our unique No Drip Technology, which stops the flow of fuel instantaneously in the nozzle, holds back the drops that would otherwise have been wasted and initiates a recycling process. This technology takes the fuel dispensing process one step further than the current market standard.

A vacuum and capillary method makes the process cleaner and safer, enhancing the users experience and enabling them to effortlessly contribute to a greener environment.

The No Drip Nozzle offers you the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the global issue of preserving our diminishing fuel supplies
  • Provide a cleaner environment 
  • Increase the life cycle of your current nozzles Improve the end user experience
  • Enable your customers to effortlessly contribute to a greener environment
  • Improve the end user experience
  • Gain a significant market advantage 
  • Increase the reach and impact of your current marketing activities.

In addition, this nozzle can be utilised away from the forecourts, at truck stops and depots. With the same adaption, the side effects of distributing the aggressive compound AdBlue™ can be diminished, providing a cleaner and safer working environment.

Customer Experience
Marketing Advantage
Operational Performance
Environmental Impact